Fluid is a study of dynamic motion as an ever-changing form. With lights encapsulated in unique scalloped-like cut-out frames, the triptych features three interactive experiences that capture fluid's movement from a microscopic to macroscopic level. With sensors set up on individual canvases, the tension of experience shifts as viewers move from one to another canvas and intensifies as they get close to the piece. The installation recreates and pushes the everyday interaction humans have with matter in different fluid forms.
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The experience examines fluid in terms of its invisible, molecular interactions as well as its reactions to changes in environment.
Underwater reflection of light creates a mesmerizing visual effect with propagating waves. The audience amplifies the turbulence as their energy gets close to the canvas.
Rain is one natural phenomenon that takes the form of liquid. It is often unfavorable and unpredictable but evokes a nostalgic effect.